Additional microscopy resources

Apart from instruments operated by CALM the Campus Weihenstephan and the TUM at large houses several additional microscopes. They are run by individual research units. Here you find a list of instruments with access available on an individual basis. For details please directly contact the responsible research unit. 



Olympus FV 1000 upright

Olympus FV1000 CLSM Upright

Type: Confocal microscope

Location: Building 4223, Chair of Plant Systems Biology, Emil-Ramann-Str. 8, WZW

Contact: Prof. Schwechheimer


Leica SP5 CLSM upright

Type: Confocal microscope

Location: Building 4217, Chair of Phytopathology, Emil-Ramann-Str. 2, WZW

Contact: Prof. Hückelhoven

Leica DMI8 Inverse

Leica DMI8 Inverse

Type: Tile-scanning microscope

Technical details: Leica DMI8, inverse, fluorescent microscope (DAPI, Alexa488, Alexa 555, Alexa 594, Alexa 647, CFP, YFP, RFP, Cy7), scanning table, b/w camera, CoolLED illumination

Location: Building 4124, Chair of Animal Physiology and Immunology, Weihenstephaner Berg 3, WZW

Contact: Prof. Zehn.